Wednesday, October 10, 2007

[Communication with Co-workers] The Scripted Conversation

usage: Use when forced by proximity to engage in unwanted personal interaction with a co-worker who might have future value as a business asset, but not as a personal friend.

description: When entering or exiting one's office, it is common to find oneself forced into conversation with a frustrating, yet potentially valuable, coworker. In order to avoid stressful interpersonal engagement while maintaining a leveragable business relationship, Scripted Conversation can be employed. Person A requests a Scripted Conversation resource from person B by using a locally accepted phrase such as, "How was the weekend?" Person B approves the Scripted Conversation request by issuing a second phrase -- commonly, "They're never long enough, are they?" Scripted Conversation resource requests are denied through the divulgence of personal information (e.g., "I learned over the weekend that my dear dog Spot is dying!") Through Scripted Conversation, the need for actual communication can be almost entirely eliminated while maintaining the possibility for future business engagement.

notes: As indicated above, local vernacular will dictate accepted Scripted Conversation variants. Scripted Conversation should never consume more than 4 sentences of memory.

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